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    Our client was charged with shooting a young man to death on Halloween for throwing eggs at a car. The case received considerable pre-trial media attention. We presented credible alibi defense for our client and also convinced the judge to admit evidence of a long-standing dispute between our client’s family members and the “eyewitnesses” who testified at trial that he was the shooter. After hearing evidence during a week-long trial, the jury acquitted our client of all charges in less than two hours.   Instead of a serving a mandatory life sentence, our client was released from jail and went home to his family.


    The police received a tip and executed a search warrant on a residential house. Our client’s wallet and personal papers were found in the house along with a trafficking amount of cocaine. He was charged with trafficking and, due to a prior criminal history, facing a life sentence. After a thorough investigation, we were able to present to the State witness statements, financial records, medical records, and cell phone records which all proved that our client hadn’t been in the area for weeks. Through talking with witnesses who lived near the home where the drugs were found, we were able to obtain a description of the guilty individual (and their vehicle) who had been using the residence for approximately four weeks prior to the search. The State dismissed all charges.   Instead of facing a life sentence, all charges were dismissed and our client went home with his family.


    Our client was charged with stabbing boyfriend. After presenting evidence of the accuser’s violent nature to prosecutor, witness statements of prior acts of violence from the accuser towards the client, and a found 911 call showing that OUR client called for assistance and told the 911 operator that accuser was beating her immediately prior to stabbing, prosecutor dismissed all charges immediately prior to jury selection.

    Instead of serving over twenty years in prison for merely defending herself, our client left the courtroom with her family as a free woman.


    In the course of defending a client against a trafficking in narcotics charge, we sent an open records request to the City of Atlanta to obtain their secret schedule for the payment of confidential informants in drug busts. The police department denied that the information existed and refused to honor our request. After serving demand letters on the chief of police and the City of Atlanta, we filed a lawsuit to demand that the police department acknowledge the existence of the information and turn it over to us. After demanding mediation, the city of Atlanta ultimately admitted that the payment schedule existed and provided us with a copy, so that we could defend our client against the charges in her case.


    Our client was charged with child molestation, with accusations that he groped his roommate’s child at a birthday party. We hired an expert, who reviewed the alleged victim’s statement and concluded that there were several troubling issues, including evidence that indicated that the child may have been coached. We offered evidence that there had been an underlying ongoing dispute between the parent of the alleged victim and our client as motive for the accusations and found several witnesses prepared to testify to our client’s good character.   Faced with the evidence we were prepared to present at trial, the State dismissed all charges the week we were scheduled to go to trial. Instead of facing a conviction and being a registered sex offender, our client went home to his family.


    Our client was wrongfully charged with a murder and was unable to make the bond that the judge set. We filed a speedy trial demand. At a motions hearing, we presented evidence to the court that the sole eyewitness to the murder merely “guessed” at the identity of the shooter when choosing our client from the photo lineup that the police presented. We also presented the prosecutor with cell phone records showing that our client was across town using his cell phone at the time of the murder. After motions and the presentation of credible alibi evidence, the prosecutor dismissed all charges the week before trial.  Instead of serving life in prison for a murder that he did not commit, our client was released from jail.


    Our client was charged with twenty-nine felony counts. As a result of these charges, our client was facing a possibility of two life sentences, plus 293 years in prison, if convicted at trial. Prior to trial, the State offered the client a sentence of life, in exchange for a guilty plea. While the client admitted to two of the minor charges in the indictment, he maintained his innocence to the rape and kidnapping charges. The State’s evidence consisted of eight witnesses (each of whom had known the client for years), a DNA match, a victim who had been shot and identified our client as her shooter, and a hostage standoff that lead to our client’s arrest.  During the course of our investigation, we uncovered several inconsistencies in the witness’ statements and found evidence that proved why the witnesses were falsely accusing our client. After a vigorous defense at trial and only two hours of deliberation, the jury acquitted our client of 27 of the 29 counts in the indictment, convicting him of the two charges that he had always admitted. At sentencing, our client didn’t receive any additional jail time and was released from custody.


    Our client was charged with beating the alleged victim to death by means of asphyxiation and blunt force trauma. We vigorously cross examined the State’s medical examiner. We also presented testimony from an independent medical examiner that we hired, challenging the State’s finding of homicide, and asserting that the victim died of natural causes. After considering charges in the indictment and lesser included offenses of involuntary manslaughter, the jury acquitted our client of all charges. Instead of a serving a mandatory life sentence, our client was released from jail and went home to his family.


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